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......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ class Werewolf(commands.Cog):
`Imbalanced`: Some roles that are only available in larger games have chances to join even in smaller games. (The size of the game being referred here is about the number of players, i.e. 5-player game is small)
`Huntergame`: Only Hunters and Werewolves are available.
`Villagergame`: No special roles, only Villagers and Werewolves are available.
`Valentines`: (Experimental) There are multiple lovers randomly chosen in this mode. A chain of lovers might exist. If remaining players are in a single cluster of lovers, they all win."""
`Valentines`: (Experimental) There are multiple lovers or couples randomly chosen at the start of the game. A chain of lovers might exist upon the Amor's arrows. If the remaining players are in a single chain of lovers, they all win."""
......@@ -476,17 +476,17 @@ class Game:
house_rules = _(
"📜⚠️ Talking to other users privately is"
" prohibited! Posting any screenshots of my messages"
" containing your role is also forbidden.**"
" containing your role is also forbidden."
await self.ctx.send(
"**Sending game roles... You may use `{prefix}ww myrole` to check"
" your role later.\n{house_rules}"
" your role later.\n{house_rules}**"
).format(prefix=self.ctx.prefix, house_rules=house_rules)
for player in self.players:
await player.send(
_("Welcome to Werewolf {mode}! {house_rules}\n{game_link}").format(
_("**Welcome to Werewolf {mode}! {house_rules}\n{game_link}**").format(
mode=self.mode, house_rules=house_rules, game_link=self.game_link
......@@ -1448,7 +1448,7 @@ class Player:
async def choose_thief_role(self) -> None:
await self.game.ctx.send("**The thief awakes...**")
await self.game.ctx.send("**The Thief awakes...**")
entries = [self.game.get_role_name(role) for role in self.game.extra_roles]
await self.send(