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......@@ -334,56 +334,49 @@ Average hours of work: **{hours}**"""
_("""Shows you the bots current version along with its new updates.""")
await ctx.send(
> 2020-02-07
- a fix for the translator tool
- Fix maxstat and minstat for merchall with new limits
- Fix startup items
- Fix the top follower order
- Fix locales xgettext issue
- Fix the rules
- fix weapontype
- fix a bug in command sacrifice
- fix equip logic
- fix activeadventure
- fix itemtype and resetitem logic
- fix some equip logic
- fix profile for cases with one item equipped
- fix some equip logic
- fix trader, activebattle
- fix equip formatting
- fix itemreset bug
- fix alterraid
- fix images not loading on previously added pages
- fix a bug with resetting changed type items
- fix alteraid
- include a profile check for every raid: prevents raids from crashing
> 2020-03-31
- Add French $roulette and $roulette table. Bid options are in the help.
- Add redis version and CPU temperature to $stats
- We have added two new gods (Tet and Eden).
- The "You are not a donator" error now shows which donator rank is required for the command.
- We have added, a website for joining huge amounts of players outside of Discord to reduce spam.
- We moved to a new custom proxy solution and have added support for it.
- Many converters for money and users have better error handling instead of "You used a bad argument!" now.
- $bags shows the trick-or-treat-bags.
- We are now logging every single transaction possible.
- Adjust halloween and easter
- We have moved to aiohttp 4.0a1 and are using cchardet and aiodns to speed it up even more.
- We have moved to Alpine Linux 3.12 alpha to use gcc 9.3
- We have moved to Python 3.9a5
- The Dockerfile now installs the dependency libraries based on the current architecture.
Supported are x86_64 and aarch64
- We have balanced out the easter event
- Be non-NSFW in and adapted chance of money loss.
- Handle wavelink connection issues differently
- Rework active battles
- Set upgrade and merge maximum for two-handed items to 62
- Speed up implementation of $fancy
- Take BlackJack back to 1000
- Update rules, add error handler for some music checks
- adapt ingame stat calculations
- Add information on level up to lv12; reset guild and alliance cooldown on ctx confirm deny
- add luck boundaries for god luck
- Change equip logic
- extend occupy cooldown, better information for unable to attack city
- fix weapontype
- Force utf-8 for language fixer
- generate items of other types
- equipping is now based on hands, some types use one hand, any hand or two hands. Two-handed items have a 1.5x higher stat to balance them more with the rest
- make retain original ownerships
- Not returning the follower list if the user doesn't follow anyone
- Require sending at least $1 when using $give
- Set $0 defaults for $activebattle, $tournament and $raidtournament
- use python 3.9.0a3
**Merge Requests**
- Add Nitro booster and Administrator as basic donator ranks
- The default timezone is set to prevent DeprecationWarnings
- uvloop is now compiled with Python 3.9 support to prevent DeprecationWarnings
- Default DM messages to English
- Escape username markdown in toplists (this is WIP)
- Fix raid bids logging, no longer log zero gambles
- Fix issue with bot.wavelink being undefined
- Fix easter guild badge
- Fix factorials in $math
- Update adminwipeperks command to current meta"""
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