Commit 59750fed authored by Jens Reidel's avatar Jens Reidel

fix $banfromhelpme

parent 0088bba8
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......@@ -235,20 +235,12 @@ class Help(commands.Cog):
Only Support Team Members can use this command."""
if isinstance(thing_to_ban, discord.User):
id =
id = thing_to_ban
thing_to_ban =
id = if isinstance(thing_to_ban, discord.User) else thing_to_ban
await'INSERT INTO helpme ("id") VALUES ($1);', id)
except UniqueViolationError:
return await ctx.send(_("Error... Maybe they're already banned?"))
await ctx.send(
_("{thing} has been banned for the helpme command :ok_hand:").format(
await ctx.send(_("They have been banned for the helpme command :ok_hand:"))
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