Commit 05dc34be authored by Jens Reidel's avatar Jens Reidel

hopefully fix caching issues by re-enabling members intent

parent 1d5083aa
Pipeline #2084 canceled with stages
......@@ -65,14 +65,11 @@ class GlobalEvents(commands.Cog):"[INFO] Discord fired on_ready...")
async def on_member_update(self, before, after):
async def on_user_update(self, before, after):"User updated fired for {after}")
MemberConverter.convert.invalidate_value(lambda member: ==
User.convert.invalidate_value(lambda user: ==
role_ids = [ for r in after.roles]
if == and any(
id_ in role_ids for id_ in
async def on_guild_remove(self, guild):
......@@ -1106,7 +1106,7 @@ IdleRPG is a global bot, your characters are valid everywhere"""
'UPDATE profile SET "name"=$1 WHERE "user"=$2;', name,
await, name=name)
await, name=name)
await ctx.send(_("Character name updated."))
elif len(name) < 3:
await ctx.send(_("Character names must be at least 3 characters!"))
......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ cluster_name = sys.argv[4]
# Configure intents
intents = discord.Intents.none()
intents.guilds = True
intents.members = True
intents.voice_states = True
intents.messages = True
intents.reactions = True
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